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Idea Lucky Winner 2022

Idea Lucky Winner 2022

Dear Users of Idea Lottery Now it is very easy to become an Idea Lucky Winner 2022 without any difficulties or registration. Now Idea Lucky Winner 2022 is accessible on all sim cards and your cell number can be included in Idea Lucky Winner 2022 very easily by following few simple steps which we will discuss below. If you want to list your name in KBC Lottery Winner 2022? Then don’t forget to call Online KBC Idea Winner at this number 0019188444476 because It is not difficult now and you don’t need to go anywhere Online KBC Winner is the best place for you.

Idea 25 Lakh Lucky Winner List

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Idea Lucky Winner

KBC Main Head Office Mumbai: 0019188444477

KBC Main Head Office Kolkata: 0019188444476

Idea Lucky Draw 2022

Dear users of Idea Lottery Winner if you receive any call about Idea Lottery Winner 2022 and if they said you are listed in Idea Lucky Draw 2022 or if they said to visit winner’s website or if you are visiting any website for winning the lottery and you are receiving calls from these type of numbers 00923****** or +923****** then you should call at KBC Head Office Number which is 0019188444476. Because many scammers and fraud peoples are making calls from Pakistan so if you receive any scam or fraud call you should call KBC Head Office and confirm.

If You Don’t Have Lottery Number Then Don’t Worry Call KBC Head Office On 0019188444477

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Idea Lucky Winner 2020

Precautions to Protect yourself from KBC Lottery Winner 2022 Scammers:

  • Dear Customer, You may receive many calls in these days about Idea Lottery Winners 2022. They said you are Idea Lucky Winner 2022 and you have to follow some company rules.
  • If you receive these type of calls which we have mentioned above then you should call KBC Head office at once.
  • These are the Pakistani numbers (00923******, +923******) and +121 is an internet number. Beware of these peoples.
  • If anyone said you to deposit for tax/charges or whatever. You should not deposit anything until you confirm from KBC Head Office.

Latest Idea KBC Lottery Winner 2022

Name: Sagar Krishna Raut
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 927*****796

Idea Winner

Name: Mr.Sunil Kumar
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 707*****805

Idea Winner

Name: Mr.Mithon Kumar Sharma
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 881*****973

Idea Lottery Winners 2022

Name: Mr. Rahul Dashrath Awasarmor
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 976*****271

Name: Mr. Dhanjee Chuhan
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 719*****002

kbc winner 2022

Name: Mr. Dharmendra Sharma
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 970*****377

Name: Mr.Sangraam Lal
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 950*****117

Name: Miss. Rosy Fernandef
Lottery Amount: 26,00,000
Mobile #: 984*****210

Name: Miss.Rohtika Sharma
Lottery Amount: 35,00,000
Mobile #: 970*****219

Name: Mr.Ajay Sharma
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 827*****537

Idea Lottery Winners 2022

Name:Sunil Pradhan
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000
Mobile #: 737*****758

Idea Winner 2020

Idea Lottery Winner 2022

It is not difficult to check your Idea Lottery 2022. Just call 0019188444477 and confirm your Idea 2500000 Lottery and Protect from Online Scammers.

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